Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Marcie Swift Receives Rockhurst University Presidential Grant

Congratulations to PT faculty member Marcie Swift, PT, PhD for receiving a $4,000 Presidential Grant from Rockhurst University. Rockhurst President, Fr. Tom Curran, announced the award to the campus community on Monday, March 11.

Marcie submitted a proposal in collaboration with Susan Proctor, PhD (Associate Professor of Theater, Department Chair of Communication and Fine Arts) and Tobey Stosberg MSN, MAE, RN (Research College of Nursing). They will work together to develop a plan for implementation of a Standardized Patient (SP) program at Rockhurst University by developing a new interdisciplinary course and procedures to introduce physical therapy, nursing and theater students to the role of standardized patients in the education and testing of students in healthcare programs.

Theater students will learn how to take on the role of a standardized patient in practical examinations of PT and Nursing students. They will also learn how to give feedback to the healthcare students as part of the overall examination and review process.

This project fits into Marcie's overall scholarship emphasis on examining and evaluating the use of Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) in physical therapy education programs.

Congratulations to Marcie, Susan and Tobey for this great accomplishment!

Marcie Swift, PT, PhD

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Class of 2013 Present Research Projects

Members of the Rockhurst DPT Class of 2013 presented the results of their student/faculty research projects on Friday, March 1 in Mabee Theater on the Rockhurst campus.

The presentations were the culmination of a five course research sequence that the students began in the first semester of the curriculum. As a part of that sequence, small groups of students collaborated with a faculty mentor to ask a research question, gather data and analyze their results.

The presentations were excellent and the students did a great job sharing their knowledge with the group.

Here are the titles and authors of all the projects presented. We'll post summaries of all the projects a little later this spring.

The Effect of Strengthening Exercises on Scapular Upward Rotation Range of Motion in Older Adults
Dave Seibel, SPT; Jake Spinka, SPT ; Rachel Swift, SPT; Lauren Vaughn, SPT;
Faculty Mentor: Jim Dronberger, PT, DPT, OCS, MBA

Static Stretching Does Not Affect VO2 Max or Time to Volitional Failure During Graded Cycling
Daniel Finn, SPT; Trebor Besser, SPT; Andrew O’Neill, SPT; Bryan Evans, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Don Hoover, PT, PhD

The Effects of Motor Imagery Practice on the Motor Imagery Ability of Pre-Adolescent and Adolescent Ballet Dancers
Amanda Johnson, SPT; Molly Alfermann, SPT; Kati Mayer, SPT; Kiley Green, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Catherine Thompson PT, PhD, MS 

The Effects of Motor Imagery Practice on the Dance Performance of Pre-Adolescent and Adolescent Ballet Dancers
Jessica Duvall, SPT; Elizabeth Kennedy, SPT; Emily Nieters, SPT; Sarah Anderson, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Catherine Thompson PT, PhD, MS

Impact of Student & Clinical Instructor Learning Styles on Student Performance and/or Satisfaction During Clinical Internships
Melissa Brace, SPT; Katherine Ruble, SPT; Stephanie Schuelke, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Ann Marie Decker, PT, MSA, GCS

Effect of Resistance Placement and Knee Joint Angle on Torque Production and Electromyography Activity of Knee Muscles
Tessa Campbell, SPT; Julie Foss, SPT; Travis Kostal, SPT; Ewa Zarycka, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Mohamed Kohia, PT, PhD

The Effects of Whole-Body Acceleration  on Balance Performance in Healthy Populations
Nikki Anderson, SPT;  Joe Bloomfield, SPT; Bryn Fitzmaurice, SPT; Leslie Taylor, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Amy Foley, PT, DPT

Use of Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy by Physical and Occupational Therapists
Jonathan Andalikiewicz, SPT; Elizabeth Hanson, SPT; Kevin Kelley, SPT; Derek Ronnebaum, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Brian McKiernan, PT, PhD

Health and Wellness Behaviors of Students Enrolled in Physical Therapist Education Programs
Jenny Keener, SPT; Kelly Loyet, SPT; Chelsey Nassen, SPT; Andra Woods, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Brian McKiernan, PT, PhD

The Effect of Ventilation on One Legged Squats
Megan Kelley, SPT; Allie Corby, SPT; Brianna LeGrand, SPT; Kim Reed, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Jean Hiebert, PT, PhD 

The Incidence of Academic Dishonesty Among Physical Therapist Assistant Students in Programs with Honor Codes
Mark Sudbeck, SPT; Larry Parker, SPT; Brittany Hanna, SPT; Justin Snead, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Ellen Spake, PT, PhD