Monday, April 8, 2013

PT Students Team with Nursing Students in Standardized Patient Program

As part of the growing collaboration between the Department of Physical Therapy Education and the Research College of Nursing at Rockhurst University, third-year PT students have begun serving as standardized patients for nursing students in the new Seelos Simulation Center.

The state-of-the-art Seelos simulation center is located on the Research College of Nursing campus and features a number of high-tech mannequins that nursing instructors can use to put their students into very realistic patient care simulations.

However, the nursing students can also benefit from practicing other aspects of patient care like taking a history, reviewing systems and/or managing patients who are moving.

The PT students are able to act as standardized patients in these situations and expand the simulation capabilities of the center.

The university recently posted a short video to the web with more details about the center and the roles students will play for each other. Click here to see the whole clip.

Faculty from Physical Therapy (Marcie Swift, PT, Ph.D.) and Nursing (Tobey Stosberg, MSN, MAE, RN)  have begun a collaboration where students from each program will serve as standardized patients for students in the other program.  The students' collective knowledge of how patients present allows them to give very lifelike interactions.

Nursing students will act as standardized patients for the PT students later this spring as members of the PT Class of 2014 complete an Objective Structured Clinical Exam before beginning full-time clinical internships.

In the future, the partnership will expand to include the Theater Department at Rockhurst. In collaboration with Dr. Susan Proctor, they will develop an undergraduate course and/or additional training program that will give interested students the opportunity to learn how to realistically take on the role of a standardized patient in any setting.