Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Class of 2013 Present Research Projects

Members of the Rockhurst DPT Class of 2013 presented the results of their student/faculty research projects on Friday, March 1 in Mabee Theater on the Rockhurst campus.

The presentations were the culmination of a five course research sequence that the students began in the first semester of the curriculum. As a part of that sequence, small groups of students collaborated with a faculty mentor to ask a research question, gather data and analyze their results.

The presentations were excellent and the students did a great job sharing their knowledge with the group.

Here are the titles and authors of all the projects presented. We'll post summaries of all the projects a little later this spring.

The Effect of Strengthening Exercises on Scapular Upward Rotation Range of Motion in Older Adults
Dave Seibel, SPT; Jake Spinka, SPT ; Rachel Swift, SPT; Lauren Vaughn, SPT;
Faculty Mentor: Jim Dronberger, PT, DPT, OCS, MBA

Static Stretching Does Not Affect VO2 Max or Time to Volitional Failure During Graded Cycling
Daniel Finn, SPT; Trebor Besser, SPT; Andrew O’Neill, SPT; Bryan Evans, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Don Hoover, PT, PhD

The Effects of Motor Imagery Practice on the Motor Imagery Ability of Pre-Adolescent and Adolescent Ballet Dancers
Amanda Johnson, SPT; Molly Alfermann, SPT; Kati Mayer, SPT; Kiley Green, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Catherine Thompson PT, PhD, MS 

The Effects of Motor Imagery Practice on the Dance Performance of Pre-Adolescent and Adolescent Ballet Dancers
Jessica Duvall, SPT; Elizabeth Kennedy, SPT; Emily Nieters, SPT; Sarah Anderson, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Catherine Thompson PT, PhD, MS

Impact of Student & Clinical Instructor Learning Styles on Student Performance and/or Satisfaction During Clinical Internships
Melissa Brace, SPT; Katherine Ruble, SPT; Stephanie Schuelke, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Ann Marie Decker, PT, MSA, GCS

Effect of Resistance Placement and Knee Joint Angle on Torque Production and Electromyography Activity of Knee Muscles
Tessa Campbell, SPT; Julie Foss, SPT; Travis Kostal, SPT; Ewa Zarycka, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Mohamed Kohia, PT, PhD

The Effects of Whole-Body Acceleration  on Balance Performance in Healthy Populations
Nikki Anderson, SPT;  Joe Bloomfield, SPT; Bryn Fitzmaurice, SPT; Leslie Taylor, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Amy Foley, PT, DPT

Use of Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy by Physical and Occupational Therapists
Jonathan Andalikiewicz, SPT; Elizabeth Hanson, SPT; Kevin Kelley, SPT; Derek Ronnebaum, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Brian McKiernan, PT, PhD

Health and Wellness Behaviors of Students Enrolled in Physical Therapist Education Programs
Jenny Keener, SPT; Kelly Loyet, SPT; Chelsey Nassen, SPT; Andra Woods, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Brian McKiernan, PT, PhD

The Effect of Ventilation on One Legged Squats
Megan Kelley, SPT; Allie Corby, SPT; Brianna LeGrand, SPT; Kim Reed, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Jean Hiebert, PT, PhD 

The Incidence of Academic Dishonesty Among Physical Therapist Assistant Students in Programs with Honor Codes
Mark Sudbeck, SPT; Larry Parker, SPT; Brittany Hanna, SPT; Justin Snead, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Ellen Spake, PT, PhD