Monday, January 28, 2013

Faculty and Students Present Research at CSM 2013

Graduates, current students and faculty from the Rockhurst Physical Therapy Department traveled to San Diego during late January (21st - 24th) to present the results of their various research projects at the 2013 American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting.

Current faculty Jean Hiebert and Brian McKiernan joined former faculty Ellen Spake and several current and former physical therapy students to present posters of their projects in the Exhibit Hall of the convention.

The titles and authors of the posters are listed below. You can click on the graphic of any poster to enlarge it so that you can take a closer look.

Health and Wellness Behaviors of Students
Enrolled in Physical Therapist Education Programs
Brian J. McKiernan, PT, PhD; Jennifer L. Keener, SPT
Kelly A. Loyet, SPT; Chelsey L. Nassen, SPT
Andra K. Woods, SPT

The Incidence of Academic Dishonesty
Among Physical Therapist Students

in Entry-Level Programs With Honor Codes
Ellen F. Spake PT, PhD; Megan E. Wickey DPT
Tyler F. Newton DPT

The Effect of Ventilatory Strategies on Movement
Kayla Krueger, SPT; Jennifer Bedell, SPT; Tommy Frevert, SPT
Peter Nguyen, SPT; Jamie Torres, SPT
Aaron DeGreeff, SPT; Jean Hiebert, PT, PhD

The Effect of Ventilation on One Legged Squats
Megan Barr, SPT; Allison Corby, SPT; Brianna LeGrand, SPT
Kimberly  Reed, SPT; and Jean Hiebert, PT, PhD