Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fun At The Lanes With The Class of 2015

PT students from the Class of 2015 (1st year students) headed to the lanes on November 3, 2012 and helped with the KC Metro Area Bowling Tournament for Special Olympics at Premier Bowl in Raytown.

The students helped with both the morning and afternoon sessions.

During the morning session, they helped with the individual bowling competition. They kept the bowlers in order, cheered them on, and made sure they had a great time. Part of the fun was learning the names of the bowlers and how they liked to be encouraged. The students also helped present the awards afterwards.

Many thanks to the following students for their help in the morning session: Anna Ward, Sam Cooper, Abby Wartick, Brackon Lundy, Bobbi Collins, Andrew Melanson, Brian Sanderson, Michael McKenny, Alysa McKenny, Shelby Fritts

The afternoon session had similar goals, but the athletes bowled with an able bodied teammate. This allowed the students to focus less on maintaining order and more on getting to know the athletes a little more. Once again the students managed the lanes and helped present awards when the games were over.

Many thanks to the following students for their help in the afternoon session: Claire Rott, Thomas Hunt, Rachel Dennis-Gross, Logan Pettz, Shelby Fritts.

All of the students reported that they had a great time and are looking forward to more volunteer opportunities.