Monday, October 8, 2012

PT Students Support American Stroke Foundation

The sweltering temperatures that baked Kansas City this summer broke just in time for PT faculty and students to participate in the American Stroke Foundation's annual Stroke Walk on September 8, 2012.

A group of second and third year PT students met Dr. Brian McKiernan just east of the Plaza at Theis Park. Everyone joined stroke survivors, family and friends for an invigorating walk along Brush Creek. The route led walkers into the heart of the Plaza and then back to Theis Park.

The American Stroke Foundation is an organization that provides advocacy, information, support and ongoing services for stroke survivors who have been discharged from active rehabilitation. The Stroke Walk is a major fundraiser for the American Stroke Foundation. The 2012 walk raised almost $55,000 to support the organization's work.

The American Stroke Foundation is a special place for students in the PT program. Eight to nine second year students join Dr. McKiernan every Friday of summer, fall and spring semesters to help facilitate a balance class for stroke survivors.

That group engages stroke survivors in a series of simple but challenging balance activities and generally has a great time discussing and laughing about a little bit of everything under the sun.  :-)  As a team, Rockhurst PT raised over $1,000 to support The Stroke Walk.

The American Stroke Foundation is located at 5960 Dearborn in Mission, Kansas. If you'd like to contact them to inquire about the services they provide or to help support the work they do, call 913-649-1776 or email

Second year PT students gathered at Brush Creek
and had a great time supporting The Stroke Walk.