Friday, April 26, 2013

PT Students Take "Polar Plunge"!

Hats off (and coats on) to the Rockhurst PT team who participated in the "Polar Plunge" on January 25, 2013 to raise money for Missouri Special Olympics.

There were nine people on the Rockhurst team (seven 1st year students, one 2nd year and a cousin who decided to join the fun).

We can do this!!
From the Polar Plunge web site:

"This 'unbearable' event is a unique opportunity to show your bravery as you support local Special Olympics athletes by walking, running or crawling into the frigid winter waters. Proceeds benefit Special Olympics Missouri’s year-round program of sports training and competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities."

Oh,'s all fun and games until you hit the water!!

Through donations from friends and family as well as fundraising done on campus through the sale of donuts and coffee and a trivia night, the Rockhurst team raised $1,017. Way to go team!

On the day of the plunge, the air temperature was 38 degrees, but the water was a chilling 34! In fact, many coves of the lake had been iced over (yikes!).

Whose idea was this again?
(Notice that the volunteers all have thermal suits on!)

This year a record setting 1,038 people participated in the Polar Plunge and raised over $274,000 for local athletes. We want to extend thanks (and hot cocoa) to everyone on the Rockhurst team who helped make the event such a success!!

We did it!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Marcie Swift Voted Faculty of the Year

We're proud to announce that Marcie Swift, PT, PhD was named "Faculty of the Year" in conjunction with the Festival of Student Achievement (FOSA) in an awards program held on April 17, 2013.

As part of the FOSA program each year, the Student Life office asks students from throughout the university to nominate and then vote for faculty that they believe have made a significant and positive impact on their education at Rockhurst.

Marcie was nominated by several second year PT students and then additional students voted for her through the online ballot system. Marcie received the most votes of all faculty who were nominated (university-wide) and was selected as recipient of the award.

Marcie Swift, PT, PhD receives the Faculty of the Year Award
from Matt Quick, PhD, Rockhurst Vice President
for Student Development & Athletics, Dean of Students

In nominating Marcie, one of the PT students wrote, "She is a wonderful professor that truly cares about her students and is always willing to help with whatever they need. She also gives the greatest pep talks when she knows we are feeling stressed. You can tell she truly cares about her students not only pertaining to school but how we are doing in life and every other aspect of our life.

"She is passionate and willing to help, energetic, always looking for ways to improve herself, brings new ideas to always improving the program to turn out the best well rounded PT's possible.

"She relates well to us as students, gets on our level, and makes class enjoyable with her outgoing personality."

Marcie Swift, PT, PhD along with members of the DPT
Class of 2014 who facilitated her nomination
for the FOSA Faculty of the Year Award.

Congratulations to Marcie for receiving this tremendous honor. Thanks to Marcie and all PT faculty for the positive impact that they have on all of our students through their teaching and mentoring.

Monday, April 8, 2013

PT Students Team with Nursing Students in Standardized Patient Program

As part of the growing collaboration between the Department of Physical Therapy Education and the Research College of Nursing at Rockhurst University, third-year PT students have begun serving as standardized patients for nursing students in the new Seelos Simulation Center.

The state-of-the-art Seelos simulation center is located on the Research College of Nursing campus and features a number of high-tech mannequins that nursing instructors can use to put their students into very realistic patient care simulations.

However, the nursing students can also benefit from practicing other aspects of patient care like taking a history, reviewing systems and/or managing patients who are moving.

The PT students are able to act as standardized patients in these situations and expand the simulation capabilities of the center.

The university recently posted a short video to the web with more details about the center and the roles students will play for each other. Click here to see the whole clip.

Faculty from Physical Therapy (Marcie Swift, PT, Ph.D.) and Nursing (Tobey Stosberg, MSN, MAE, RN)  have begun a collaboration where students from each program will serve as standardized patients for students in the other program.  The students' collective knowledge of how patients present allows them to give very lifelike interactions.

Nursing students will act as standardized patients for the PT students later this spring as members of the PT Class of 2014 complete an Objective Structured Clinical Exam before beginning full-time clinical internships.

In the future, the partnership will expand to include the Theater Department at Rockhurst. In collaboration with Dr. Susan Proctor, they will develop an undergraduate course and/or additional training program that will give interested students the opportunity to learn how to realistically take on the role of a standardized patient in any setting.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Marcie Swift Receives Rockhurst University Presidential Grant

Congratulations to PT faculty member Marcie Swift, PT, PhD for receiving a $4,000 Presidential Grant from Rockhurst University. Rockhurst President, Fr. Tom Curran, announced the award to the campus community on Monday, March 11.

Marcie submitted a proposal in collaboration with Susan Proctor, PhD (Associate Professor of Theater, Department Chair of Communication and Fine Arts) and Tobey Stosberg MSN, MAE, RN (Research College of Nursing). They will work together to develop a plan for implementation of a Standardized Patient (SP) program at Rockhurst University by developing a new interdisciplinary course and procedures to introduce physical therapy, nursing and theater students to the role of standardized patients in the education and testing of students in healthcare programs.

Theater students will learn how to take on the role of a standardized patient in practical examinations of PT and Nursing students. They will also learn how to give feedback to the healthcare students as part of the overall examination and review process.

This project fits into Marcie's overall scholarship emphasis on examining and evaluating the use of Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) in physical therapy education programs.

Congratulations to Marcie, Susan and Tobey for this great accomplishment!

Marcie Swift, PT, PhD

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Class of 2013 Present Research Projects

Members of the Rockhurst DPT Class of 2013 presented the results of their student/faculty research projects on Friday, March 1 in Mabee Theater on the Rockhurst campus.

The presentations were the culmination of a five course research sequence that the students began in the first semester of the curriculum. As a part of that sequence, small groups of students collaborated with a faculty mentor to ask a research question, gather data and analyze their results.

The presentations were excellent and the students did a great job sharing their knowledge with the group.

Here are the titles and authors of all the projects presented. We'll post summaries of all the projects a little later this spring.

The Effect of Strengthening Exercises on Scapular Upward Rotation Range of Motion in Older Adults
Dave Seibel, SPT; Jake Spinka, SPT ; Rachel Swift, SPT; Lauren Vaughn, SPT;
Faculty Mentor: Jim Dronberger, PT, DPT, OCS, MBA

Static Stretching Does Not Affect VO2 Max or Time to Volitional Failure During Graded Cycling
Daniel Finn, SPT; Trebor Besser, SPT; Andrew O’Neill, SPT; Bryan Evans, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Don Hoover, PT, PhD

The Effects of Motor Imagery Practice on the Motor Imagery Ability of Pre-Adolescent and Adolescent Ballet Dancers
Amanda Johnson, SPT; Molly Alfermann, SPT; Kati Mayer, SPT; Kiley Green, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Catherine Thompson PT, PhD, MS 

The Effects of Motor Imagery Practice on the Dance Performance of Pre-Adolescent and Adolescent Ballet Dancers
Jessica Duvall, SPT; Elizabeth Kennedy, SPT; Emily Nieters, SPT; Sarah Anderson, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Catherine Thompson PT, PhD, MS

Impact of Student & Clinical Instructor Learning Styles on Student Performance and/or Satisfaction During Clinical Internships
Melissa Brace, SPT; Katherine Ruble, SPT; Stephanie Schuelke, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Ann Marie Decker, PT, MSA, GCS

Effect of Resistance Placement and Knee Joint Angle on Torque Production and Electromyography Activity of Knee Muscles
Tessa Campbell, SPT; Julie Foss, SPT; Travis Kostal, SPT; Ewa Zarycka, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Mohamed Kohia, PT, PhD

The Effects of Whole-Body Acceleration  on Balance Performance in Healthy Populations
Nikki Anderson, SPT;  Joe Bloomfield, SPT; Bryn Fitzmaurice, SPT; Leslie Taylor, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Amy Foley, PT, DPT

Use of Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy by Physical and Occupational Therapists
Jonathan Andalikiewicz, SPT; Elizabeth Hanson, SPT; Kevin Kelley, SPT; Derek Ronnebaum, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Brian McKiernan, PT, PhD

Health and Wellness Behaviors of Students Enrolled in Physical Therapist Education Programs
Jenny Keener, SPT; Kelly Loyet, SPT; Chelsey Nassen, SPT; Andra Woods, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Brian McKiernan, PT, PhD

The Effect of Ventilation on One Legged Squats
Megan Kelley, SPT; Allie Corby, SPT; Brianna LeGrand, SPT; Kim Reed, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Jean Hiebert, PT, PhD 

The Incidence of Academic Dishonesty Among Physical Therapist Assistant Students in Programs with Honor Codes
Mark Sudbeck, SPT; Larry Parker, SPT; Brittany Hanna, SPT; Justin Snead, SPT
Faculty Mentor: Ellen Spake, PT, PhD

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

PT Graduate and Current Student Featured in Rockhurst Campaign

In the Department of Physical Therapy Education at Rockhurst University we have been blessed to have the privilege of working with hundreds of men and women who are leaders in healthcare and in the community.

Our graduates and our current students are making a positive difference everywhere, every day on every level.

As part of its "Where Leaders Learn" campaign, the university recently featured current PT leader Kelly Ranallo and future PT leader Nikki Anderson.

Nikki Anderson, PT '13 and Kelly Ranallo, PT '91

Kelly is a 1991 graduate of the Rockhurst PT program. She was a co-founder of Quantum Health Professionals and is now the President of the Turner Syndrome Society of Kansas City. Nikki completed her undergraduate studies at Baker University and is scheduled to graduate in May 2013 with her DPT.

You can hear from Kelly and Nikki at:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kirsten Potter Joins PT Faculty

The Department of Physical Therapy Education is very pleased to welcome a new full-time faculty member to campus this spring semester.

Kirsten Potter, PT, DPT, MS, NCS earned a BS in Physical Therapy from the State University of New York in Buffalo, an MS in Physical Therapy from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science and her Doctor of Physical Therapy from the Institute of Health Professions at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

Dr. Potter has previously been a member of the Physical Therapy faculty at the University of New England in Portland, Maine and Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. While at the University of New England, she earned the President’s Award from the Maine chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Founder’s Award from the Department of Physical Therapy.

Dr. Potter has earned Neurological Clinical Specialist status from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists and will teach primarily in the area of neuromuscular physical therapy.

We could not be more pleased to welcome Dr. Potter to Rockhurst. She will be a tremendous addition to our department.